At Calma Research, we’ve included and modified every detail for the safety of all the people who access our facilities, both our clients as well as the participants in the market studies that are conducted in our viewing rooms. Consequently, our new action plan and post-COVID19 protocol are at your disposal.


Post-COVID19 standards and protocol. As of now, the procedure to be adopted will be as follows:


1.- All persons visiting our offices will be given shoe coverings, which must be worn to avoid possible contamination from the floor.


2.- Everyone who enters our facilities will have their temperature taken with a laser thermometer In the event that any of them presents a body temperature higher than 37 degrees, access will be denied. Another new post-COVID19 regulation restricts the access to our offices to those people who present any symptomatology associated with the virus, or who have been in contact with any person who has tested positive for COVID19.


3.- Every person who accesses Calma Research Facilities must sign the HEALTH GUARANTEE document attached to this action plan, where they must state that they don’t present symptoms of COVID19 infection, or have evidence of having been in contact with any person infected by COVID19, in the 14 days prior to signing the document. It’s recommended that groups classified as vulnerable to COVID19 by the Ministry of Health not participate in face-to-face market studies.


4.- A sanitary station will be installed at the entrance, where visitors will have to disinfect their hands with hydro-alcoholic gel, put on a new pair of gloves and receive a plastic bag where they must keep their belongings (such as their handbags, mobile phones, keys, etc.).


5.- The receptionist will provide them with a transparent facemask, which they must wear while they are inside the offices and which they must then dispose of in a suitable container on their way out. Our new post-COVID19 protocol establishes that under no circumstances will taking facemasks out of our offices be allowed.


6.- Neither will the presence of more than 3 people be permitted in the reception area of our offices, with the purpose of maintaining a safe distance.


7.- People who come to participate in group dynamics or interviews must wait in a designated area until the start of the session. No more than 4 people shall be allowed in these waiting rooms, in order to maintain a safe distance of 1.5 meters between people. Once the participants have entered the conference room, the waiting room will be immediately disinfected.


8.- The number of clients/assistants who will be allowed to come to the facilities to follow the sessions of a project live shall not exceed 3-4. This way, we’re able to guarantee a safe distance in the viewing rooms.


9.- Only individual bottles of water will be served in the conference rooms, and each consumer must dispose of his or her own bottle in the appropriate container in the room they’re in.

The rooms will only have the following equipment: a whiteboard, markers, pens, a television with remote control and paper. In the event of needing any other type of stationery or office material, the moderator should ask for it before starting the group.


10.- Individual bottles of water, cans of soft drinks with disposable cups, coffee and tea will be served in the viewing rooms. These last two should be requested from the customer service person once the session that they’re following has begun. This way, we will be able to avoid having people moving through the hallways before the participants are situated in their rooms.


11.- In the event that clients request a catering service, they must provide notification at least 48 hours in advance. The catering will consist of an individual pack with disposable utensils. All the material of the service shall be deposited in the designated container in the room.


12.- At the end of the sessions, people will leave the room in a gradual way so as to avoid having more than 2 people in reception and in elevators at the same time. . In addition, when leaving they should throw all the disposable material, shoe coverings, gloves, etc. into the indicated container.


13.- One bathroom will be only for the use of the participants, and another one for the clients. In both cases, they will be disinfected with a spray between uses.


14.- Once each session has ended, the room shall not be used for 1 hour, during which time it will be disinfected and ventilated for its next use.


15.- Clients who come to watch the sessions live will have access to the bathroom designated for them at a time different from that of the participants (that is, while the group dynamics are taking place or once the participants have left).


16.- Under no circumstances shall participants or clients be allowed to remain in the hallways or areas other than those designated for them.


17. Information on COVID 19 protocol to be followed will be provided by means of notices placed throughout the office, as well as through WhatsApp when notifying participants of the various preventive measures to comply with.


18.- Hand sanitation is the primary step to prevent infection, so hydro-alcoholic gel dispensers will be placed in every room where there are groups or clients.


19.- The process of people entering and leaving the room will be staggered at all times, so as to avoid people from gathering as much as possible.


With everyone’s help and responsibility, we will get all our business activities back on track.

From all of us at Calma Research, we thank you for your trust. Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.






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