Are you organizing a focus group for your market research? To succeed, it is not only essential to select and recruit the right participants, but also to choose the perfect moderator. It will not only be responsible for setting the right tone in which the focus group will be developed, but also for interacting with participants and guiding them throughout the process. He is therefore a key figure. Therefore, today we will review some aspects to consider when choosing the moderator or moderator for a focus group. Here are 4 keys you should not overlook:


1.- Training and experience

The choice of appropriate moderator/a/a is essential. Let’s not forget that the focus group’s objective is to obtain significant data, and for this, the role of the moderator in guiding participants is crucial. For this reason, the moderator cannot be anyone, but must have the necessary training and experience to perform this function. It is essential to have a good professional in this area, who knows how to collect data from participants to achieve the objectives.


2.- Ease of public speaking

This is evident for the successful development of the focus group. The moderator must have communication skills and leadership skills. He/she will be in charge/to launch the topics/questions of debate according to the objectives that the focus group aims to achieve, to conduct the conversation and introduce all participants to it, guiding the group towards where it interests, but always maintaining a neutral position.


3.- Empathy and good atmosphere

Another key to the success of a focus group is knowing how to create a positive working environment that generates confidence in the participants and encourages them to collaborate. Here, the figure of the moderator is again essential. You should be friendly, close, very empathetic, able to read the participants’ body language when answering or talking. It must always ensure that they feel comfortable and understood, in order to achieve effective participation.


4.- Moderator with analysis capability

It is just as important to ensure that the focus group develops according to the proposed objectives as knowing how to analyze all the data collected in it. At this point, the moderator will be the/the one in charge of analyzing all the data obtained and the impressions collected that allows him to develop an objective analysis document with the conclusions.

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