FocusVision: the technology that allows you to follow a focus group in real-time



Is it possible to participate in a focus group without being present? Yes, it is, if you have the ideal streaming tool for it: FocusVision.


At Calma, we’re aware that technology plays a decisive role today. It brings us closer to the consumer, current client or potential client. Therefore, one of the services we offer our clients is FocusVision: state-of-the-art live video technology. With it, it’s possible to follow (in real-time) any activity or technique used in a Study or Market Research.

Seeing and hearing the customer live, from anywhere, is now a reality. This way, the entire team in charge of analyzing and evaluating the results of a focus group can do so directly. It’s no longer necessary to wait to see the video of the session afterwards. You will be there, at that very moment, following every second of it, every gesture, every reaction, every opinion…

This powerful and engaging tool allows you to broadcast live and, at the same time, record video of the highest quality And all from the same room where the focus group is conducted. Therefore, the brand and its entire team can follow it live, from any site or even from different locations.

The system has a 360º full vision camera (known as FV360). The device allows you to follow the focus group as if the equipment were actually in the room. The camera puts the observers in the center of the conversation. It’s all about experiencing it 100%.

In addition, the system allows for brands and its teams to interact live with the focus group itself. Among other things, the system can:

  • Create a virtual backroom of the event. This way, an unlimited number of people can follow the event live.
  • Change the course of the sessions while they’re being conducted. The brand and its team will be able to communicate with the focus group moderator at all times.
  • Highlight the key moments of the focus group session. This will save you many hours of viewing later.
  • Record the session, edit it, analyze it and share it -with whomever you want and with ease- through FocusVision’s Video Insights solution.
  • Edit the recording to maintain the anonymity of a member or participant of the focus group. This way, this person, or several people, can’t be identified (neither through the video nor through the audio).

In doing so, FocusVision allows the brand to gain in efficiency and speed, both in the analysis of the sessions and in decision-making and follow-up actions. Without a doubt, this tool can’t be missing in your next market study.

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