Technology is always better when it brings people together

Matt Mullenweg, programmer



At Calma, we want to combine efforts and, and to do so we know that it’s essential to commit to new trends and the latest technologies.

Therefore, our rooms offer clients the latest in technological innovation focused on Research and Market Studies:

  • Calm Screen: A large MultiView display with numerous possibilities. The display allows our clients to perform usability tests, view several meetings at the same time, make presentations, etc.
  • High resolution cameras
  • CalmStream: Our own HD streaming service, with the possibility of broadcasting up to 4 rooms at the same time, in 2 different languages.
  • EtnoCalm: A platform that allows the interviewee to use his/her mobile phone in order to remotely share images, videos and answers with us.
  • Focus Vision
  • An electronic Flipchart that clients can use to save all of their notes on a USB flash drive after their work session. In addition, all attendees will be able to instantly see what’s written in the notes.
  • A kitchen-laboratory with the latest technology for product testing Equipped with ovens, refrigerators, etc.
  • A platform for online communities

At Calma, we are committed to working with useful technology to combine efforts, helping us to create more rewarding and successful work experiences.

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