Does your company carry out product testing as part of its Market Research strategy? Are you looking for a professional space where you can carry out a product test in Madrid and Barcelona? Today we talk about this methodology of Market Research and how it helps the brand when launching a new product or to know the consumer satisfaction about it and the possible improvements to apply once it is on the market.


What is a product testing?

We can define it as a market research method that allows the company or brand to obtain information from a group of consumers about a product or service before launching it on the market or after its launch.

Will it be well accepted by the consumer, will it be as successful as expected, why is it not working as expected, what is the positioning of my product in relation to the competition? A product test helps the brand/company to know what will be the level of acceptance of the product/service in the market and not only in its launching phase, but also in later phases, to know the life cycle of a product, to know if it completely satisfies the needs of the consumer or, if not, what improvements to apply for a better acceptance and adaptation to new consumer and market trends.

Product test room madrid

Through this interesting tool, valuable feedback is obtained, as not only the opinions of the participants in the study are evaluated, but also their reactions and attitudes towards the product, the design and packaging, its positioning compared to other competing products, its colour, taste, smell, texture, etc.

Conducting a product test will help the brand to know the strengths and weaknesses of the product, as well as to identify the target audience and to know their consumption habits, preferences and expectations. With all this information gathered, it will be easier to adjust the design and characteristics of the product to the consumer’s needs, as well as to create a more competitive and innovative product with which to differentiate itself in the market.


Product and organoleptic testing

Among the different types of product testing that exist is organoleptic or sensory test focused mainly on the food and beverage sector, where products are tested by the group of consumers in a neutral environment which, in some cases, requires a specially conditioned space and laboratory kitchens for the preparation of the product to be tested.

In order to find out the group’s impressions of the product, it is necessary to establish beforehand the objectives to be achieved with this study and to define the target sample, so that a survey or questionnaire can then be drawn up to reveal important conclusions, either with open questions or using a scaled scoring method, which must be the same for all the questions included in the form.

Product test room in Madrid and Barcelona

Furthermore, it is important that all participants in the study understand the questions in the questionnaire in the same way, only then can the answers be comparable and reliable data be collected. It is therefore essential when designing the survey to avoid ambiguous questions in order to obtain valid results. Simple language, short sentences and straightforward questions are the key to designing a survey about the product to be tested.

In some cases, the form can also include some open fields in certain questions, in order to gather more information, details and opinions of the respondents on certain aspects.


Where to carry out a product or organoleptic test in Madrid and Barcelona?

The selection of the right place is one of the main keys when carrying out a product or organoleptic test to guarantee its success.

As you already know, at Calma we cover and make possible any qualitative research project in Madrid and Barcelona, including those studies that include product testing.

In addition, our premium spaces for market research in Madrid and Barcelona have preparation rooms for organoleptic tests and laboratory kitchens fully equipped with ovens, refrigerators, etc. The ideal space to carry out a product test for the food and beverage sector.

Kitchen laboratory for product testing and market research Madrid

Kitchen laboratory for organoleptic test madrid

Are you organising a new market study and looking for the perfect space to carry out a product test or an organoleptic test? Just tell us about your project and we will customise the ideal space, room or laboratory kitchen for you. Creating the perfect working environment is essential to ensure the success of the project.

In addition, all our spaces are equipped with the latest technology: high resolution cameras, our own streaming service, FocusVision, electronic Flipchart, platforms for online communities, etc. And remember that we can also take care of the recruitment and attraction of participants for the study, as we have our own extensive, segmented and updated database.

A professional and quality service, 100% adapted to your needs and objectives.
Do not hesitate to contact the Calma team for more information.




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