"A calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence"

Dalai Lama

Workspaces that become experiences

Environments that manage to transmit calmness and serenity will make us more capable of successfully tackling our work projects and transmitting confidence and reassurance.

At Calma, we know. That’s why all our Market Study and Research rooms (both in Barcelona and our new premium facilities in Madrid) have been designed with care. Our goal: to offer companies a positive, calm, inspiring and functional environment. These are spaces that are one hundred percent adaptable to the specific needs of each client, of each company. Thus, each room offers multiple options that are adapted to all kinds of qualitative services and events for companies. They’re the perfect setting for carrying out Market Studies and Research procedures (interviews, focus groups, etc.) and the ideal place to hold any company event (press conferences, meetings, presentations, training sessions, workshops, teambuilding exercises, etc.).

At Calma, we understand the extent to which the environment has an impact on perceiving, feeling and making decisions. Therefore, we don’t simply offer rooms, but rather motivating and efficient spaces that make our clients and participants feel comfortable and inspired. More than testing and market research rooms, we offer contemporary and effective scenarios. They are living spaces, visually very attractive, that encourage collaboration and creativity. In addition, they manage to create an atmosphere that inspires tranquility, confidence and professionalism.

Specialists in Fieldwork since 1994

Technological innovation, quick turnaround and professional quality. These are the three pillars on which we focus our work.

At your service for over 25 years

Our track record is our best guarantee. We are experts in coordinating and developing Market Studies and Sociological Research in various industries.

Qualitative Services

Calma’s team is specialized in recruiting various types of targets. Being up to date in work optimization and new technologies is the key to the quality of our services, and therefore we’re engaged in ongoing training. In addition to premium research and meeting rooms and spaces in Madrid and Barcelona, we offer our Fieldwork service (personalized comprehensive management for Market Research).

Technological innovation and services to companies

The latest technology that makes new experiences possible. Both in the Market Research industry, as well as for company events, we offer our clients the most up-to-date tools that make it possible to work faster, more efficiently and interactively: CalmScreen (MultiView display), high-resolution cameras, overhead cameras, CalmStream (our own Streaming service), EtnoCalm, Focus Vision, electronic Flipchart, kitchen-laboratory, etc.

The goal: to always offer you the best

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