What is a workshop? What advantages does it offer to the company/brand? How does it apply to the field of Qualitative Research?

At Calma we have been organising workshops for companies from different sectors for years, and we have the ideal spaces for this purpose. Only by creating the perfect climate and atmosphere is it possible to turn this action into a valuable information tool.

Today we are going to talk about workshops, how to organise them and the advantages of including them in the Market Research strategy of a company/brand.

Workshops: what are their objectives?

Workshops can be defined as group meetings in which the participants take an active part. It is a debate or research on a specific topic to which everyone, in one way or another, is related to.

Workshops are a methodology widely used in the framework of training, to broaden knowledge on a subject in a dynamic and participative way. They are also frequent within the company, to find out the opinion of employees/teams on a specific subject, to find new ideas, to solve problems or conflicts, etc. They are a very versatile tool for the company.

As a general rule, this dynamic brings together a group of people with different profiles but related to a specific topic. If we refer to a workshop held within a company, it can have speakers and guests who are experts on the subject, senior members of the team, newcomers… The experts impart theoretical knowledge on the subject in question and ask the rest of the participants to collaborate and work together to achieve certain objectives. In this way everyone increases their knowledge, interacting and sharing with each other.

How do they apply to qualitative research?

For some years now, workshops have also been used in the context of market research. The aim here is to analyse the results of the research in order to draw conclusions.

By means of a workshop, the company or brand can detect new business opportunities, create new positioning, etc. To this end, both the team that has carried out the market research and other members of the client company must participate in the workshop so that they can contribute their experience and vision. Sometimes, communication experts or agencies are also invited to participate in the event.

For the workshop to be successful, organisation is very important. An essential part will be to count and prepare in advance all the material (both physical and multimedia) that has been obtained from the market study or research. Equally important will be the preparation of material and team-building exercises for the workshop participants.

The figure of a moderator is also common in market research workshops. He or she will be in charge of presenting the information, data and results that have been extracted from the study and also of raising issues, questions or exercises to initiate teamwork to achieve the objectives that have been defined for the workshop. Before the end of the day, he/she will also be in charge of reviewing the exercises and tasks carried out in the workshop to find out if the proposed objectives have been achieved.

Your next workshop with Calma

Are you organising a new workshop for your company and are looking for the perfect place to hold it? Let us advise you without obligation. At Calma we personalise our rooms, always adjusting them to the type of project and the needs of each client. Creating the perfect working environment is essential to ensure the success of your workshop.

Workshop rooms

Catering for workshops

In addition, all our spaces are equipped with the latest technology: high resolution cameras, in-house streaming, catering service, etc. Try us, you’ll always want to come back.

Do not hesitate to contact the Calma team for more information.




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