At Calma we work on face-to-face and online qualitative research in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​and we thank our clients for their trust and support as we overcome together the challenges of this pandemic that we are currently experiencing.

Qualitative research has been hit hard by the risk posed by physical contact between people and has led all companies to use different platforms to conduct interviews and online focus groups. Although it is true that the digitization of qualitative techniques has opened a path that until now represented a small percentage of research and that, from now on, they will be techniques that will continue to be used once the situation caused by the COVID-19, we must value the realization of FACE TO FACE STUDIES


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Rooms for face-to-face studies and companies in Madrid with post-Covid19 protocol

Rooms for face-to-face studies and companies in Madrid following post Covid19 protocol

Energy and complicity cannot be replicated in an online session

There are many methodologies whose viability in online platforms is not possible, or is not recommended, such as workshops, dynamics of more than 90 minutes, product tests, sensory tests, packaging tests, and all those studies. who need close eye contact, and where personal interaction between participants and moderator is essential.

Group dynamics lasting more than 2 hours, in an ONLINE scenario, make participants “disconnect” or have connection difficulties in many moments, which we always try to solve by offering the client a prior test with the participants to verify that everything works correctly. Maintaining attention in an online meeting is much more difficult, since we are not only aware of the screen we are viewing, but of the family environment in which each participant is, of the Internet connection, of our device… All these variables also distract us and they affect our attention at many times.

Post COVID19 protocol and control systems

control systems, hygiene points, anti-COVID19 entry and exit circuits at Calma

Control systems, hygiene points, entry and exit circuits. Anti COVID19 protocol in Calma Research


At Calma we are committed to giving value to PRESENCE and for HYBRID methodologies, combining online sessions, homework, etc., with focus and face-to-face interviews.For this reason, we have adapted our spaces to guarantee safety against COVID-19 to all the people who come to our facilities, implementing control systems, hygiene points, entry and exit circuits, delivery of new masks, etc. to all who participate in our studies.

We offer our own streaming service to all our clients, so that they can follow the sessions remotely. We have also created a chat tool on our streaming platform, which allows them to communicate directly with other client (s) who are watching the session in situ, or even with the moderator of the dynamics.

We have reinforced the recruitment of participants, ensuring that, in the event that, due to force majeure, the group dynamics or face-to-face interview cannot be carried out and must be carried out online, the same people summoned can collaborate in the study in remote.


Multiverse screen for market research Madrid

Rooms for face-to-face studies with their own streaming, multiverse screen and large ventilated spaces


IN-HOUSE QUALITATIVE INVESTIGATION can be carried out and, in fact, we are doing it at Calma.Because if we go to a bar or restaurant, if our children go to school and our lives continue with responsibility and taking the necessary precautionary and safety measures, why are we afraid to do a Face-to-face Focus Group if most of the participants and panelists are willing to collaborate by going to the rooms?

If you want more information about our rooms for face-to-face studies or for company team meetings, do not hesitate to contact us. We will inform you in detail and without obligation.


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