There is no doubt that the Covid-19 crisis we are experiencing will mark a before and after in our way of working. It’s already doing so, even in our sector.

Qualitative research in this period in which we find ourselves is suffering a sharp drop. And we are mitigating it, thanks to the online methodologies we have. We’re sure that they will make up a large part of the business volume from now on. In this regard, Calma offers its customers a variety of technologies for market research. From platforms for online communities, to ethnographic interviews and online focus group services with simultaneous translation, with recording in two languages and the option of presenting materials during the session.



What will happen to qualitative projects after Covid-19?

That said, we still think that the face-to-face setting will always give us that more authentic insight into people. We’re convinced that qualitative face-to-face projects will make a comeback. Therefore, at Calma we want to guarantee their continued availability in our facilities and rooms, by implementing the security measures recommended by the authorities in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic. To this effect, we will adapt the space so that the safety distance of at least 1 meter indicated by the WHO can be maintained in the rooms set up for market studies (both groups and viewing) . Naturally, we will also observe all the required health measures both for our employees and clients, as well as for group and interview participants.

Here’s a video so that you can see our facilities and discover the spaces where we conduct the dynamics. Work performed in all these spaces is always carried out with the maximum health and safety guarantee.



If you’d like, you can send us your suggestions and ideas (through the comments section or by contacting us directly) that could be beneficial for everyone in this new phase. Together, we will manage to move forward and progress in this new market where we’re still not very certain as to what we will find in the short and medium terms.

Thank you!





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