Are you looking for market research facilities in Madrid or Barcelona? Are you unsure about whether it’s better to conduct studies in your own offices or to opt for specialized facilities? How important is the selection of our studio’s premises when it comes to achieving the best results?

Our years of experience (and the many projects we have carried out at Calma with companies in various industries) demonstrate that it’s essential to have the appropriate space for conducting Market Research.

A focus group, a product test, an interview… All need to be carried out in a specific environment, with the right tools and equipment required in each case. Furthermore, it must have a pleasant setting for facilitating the communication of all the participants.

But what features do you have to pay special attention to when selecting the ideal space? What should you keep an eye out for and what should you ask the company that you will be hiring for this service?

Today we are going to review 5 key points that you should check before deciding on a specific workspace for your Market Research:


Is it a pleasant environment to work in? How will the participants feel?

When you have the right setting, the results speak for themselves. That’s why we recommend that you visit the place where your event, studio or project will take place in order to make sure it’s the most appropriate one.

Without a doubt, choosing a space that’s specifically designed for Market Research offers many advantages – the first of which is comfort. Visit the space and ask yourself if it will be comfortable for your participants. Think about whether it will also adapt to your needs and offer a pleasant work environment. Remember that the participants must feel at home.

Make sure that it’s a space that helps motivate the team or group and facilitates their concentration, thus avoiding distractions.

The furniture, the design of the space and the feelings that it brings forth among the participants; the service provided by the specialists in charge of the facilities… All of these are essential elements that should not be overlooked.


How versatile, functional and flexible are the rooms? What options do they offer?

Product tests, focus groups, brainstorming sessions, business meetings, interviews, etc. Each project will require specific equipment and tools. The room you choose must be equipped with them (test kitchens, specific utensils, multidirectional mirrors…). Make sure that you have everything you need before hiring the service.

Our advice is that you choose spaces that are functional, flexible and 100% adapted to the type of event that you’re going to hold or technique you’re going to apply. They should also provide peace, tranquility and calm and be welcoming spaces that encourage dialogue and comprehensive communication.


Customizable market research rooms in madrid


Moreover, keep in mind that for certain projects, different work/study areas may be required, allowing for participants to be split up. It’s important for there to be adjoining rooms or that the same room can be divided into several spaces for working in groups.

Our advice is to decide on rooms and spaces that offer this possibility. The more flexible and functional they are, the easier and more effective the work will be.

How is their lighting? Do they have natural light?

Another aspect to take into account when selecting the perfect space for your Study or Market Research is the lighting. Investing in wide-open and well-lit spaces will result in much more productive work.

Also, keep in mind that natural light helps to reduce eyestrain, fatigue and stress, and gives us a particular sense of freedom, greater willingness to work and higher quality results.

At Calma we know this, which is why we are committed to paying special attention to the lighting of our spaces. Therefore, all of them have large windows and sources of natural light, which our customers highly value (something that has a positive effect on the final result of the project).


The Essentials: Catering and Rest Areas

High levels of productivity also require moments of rest, where the right decisions can be made in the right environment. These spaces will be the perfect setting for promoting relaxed discussion and group cohesion, in a very pleasant atmosphere.

Another important aspect is offering a catering service for these moments of rest; where the team or participants can take a break and replenish their energy with a coffee or a small snack, while having an enjoyable chat. Many companies, as is the case of Calma, offer this as part of their services (in addition to renting the space).

And if, on top of that, these spaces or break rooms have natural light, impeccable design and fantastic views, the experience couldn’t be any better.

Calma’s new offices in Madrid have several terraces overlooking the Paseo de la Castellana and the Santiago Bernabéu stadium. All of them are located adjacent to the main workrooms and can be perfectly enjoyed in both the summertime and the wintertime.


What kind of technology are these spaces equipped with? What tools, software and applications do they offer?

High resolution cameras: for recording and broadcasting the event.

Calm Screen: A large, multi-view screen with several possibilities where clients can administer usability tests, view several meetings at the same time, make presentations, etc.

FocusVision: A system that features a full 360º camera that allows for live broadcasts while recording the highest quality video from the same room where the event is taking place (a focus group for example). This way, the client (and its entire team) can follow the event live from any location (or locations).

Eye Tracking: Eye tracking technology that studies the visual behavior of the consumer/participant of our study. The objective is to try to gain a better understanding of the user’s subconscious in order to develop new strategies that increase results/sales.

CalmStream: Calm HD streaming service where broadcasts can take place in up to 4 rooms at the same time (2 different languages).

A test kitchen with the latest technology, for product testing. Equipped with ovens, refrigerators, etc.

An online community platform

EtnoCalm: A platform for conducting interviews remotely (and for sharing images and videos with the interviewer).

An electronic whiteboard: Clients can use it for taking all of their notes and observations with them on a USB flash drive after the work session. In addition, all attendees can view what is written in the notes.

If the space or rooms that you visit satisfy all of these requirements, rest assured that they’ll be suitable for your next Study or Market Research project.


Do you need advice?

As always, at Calma we are at your disposal to provide you with all the information on our services and facilities that we offer both in Barcelona and at our new offices in Madrid.

We’re aware that the circumstances right now -the midst of the COVID19 crisis- are not ideal. But we trust that, little by little, everything will return to normal and we too will be able to return to our activities.

If you are contemplating an upcoming Study or Market Research project and are looking for a space that is tailored to your needs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’ll provide you with detailed information and will be happy to answer any questions you may have, without any obligation.

If what you need is an online option in order to move forward with your studies and research right now, please contact us and we will provide you with all the tools that we currently have and use for working online with our clients. Standing still is not an option. Reinventing ourselves so as to continue working and growing is our best option at this time. And for that, you can be sure that Calma will continue to be at your side.






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