The way in which a space is conformed greatly involves awareness of the possibilities of light

Louis Kahn, architect



When faced with a long day’s work, natural light is an essential element. Concentration, stress and the use of computers and other digital devices cause our eyes to become tired, leading to feelings of fatigue and even (if over a long period of time) a general sensation of discouragement.


Working in a space with natural light provides us with a special feeling of freedom, a greater propensity for working, more peace of mind and higher quality of work.

Therefore, at Calma, we have taken natural light into account when preparing our spaces and rooms for Research and Market Studies in Madrid and Barcelona.

Natural light is one of the great allies of our working environments and research rooms.

All of our new premium spaces in Madrid have natural light and most of them have attractive, modern balconies fitted out as rest areas; ideal both for a break and for coffee and a pleasant chat among colleagues and participants.

In addition, the fantastic views of the Paseo de la Castellana and the Santiago Bernabéu stadium are perfect for taking a breather and replenishing your positive energy before continuing with your work.

Unique and modern spaces with natural lighting. A simple formula that guarantees the success of any business event.

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